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Free weight or machines? Weight training and bodybuilding.

If you want to build your
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muscle mass and keep it for a long time, needed a series of tips that will help you achieve your goals. The triad key to increase muscle mass is: a specific routine for muscle mass, explain power and enough rest.

Machines, on the other hand, are fixed to a shaft that will only allow you to move one to two planes. If used exclusively, this could cause a lack of functional fitness, which could be the result of injury out of the gym. Simply with tread misstep on the sidewalk could result in injury in the knee to the ankle, where the stabilizing muscles have been ignored to exercise larger muscle groups. On the other hand, a machine will allow you to lift heavier loads, and will allow you to exercise specific muscle groups. Recently I checked seven of the best strength with weight training exercises free body weight, which I shall enumerate again here.

I understand that it may be better not touch the weight (intensity) and go down the reps conveniently, but so what you set out to this reader would be an alternative (to work always at the same number of reps) maybe worth functional hypertrophy? Because to me what I’ve said is that it could reach me easily, overtrain if you follow a method like this.

BlackBerry G. The load and recovery media”. Master of high performance in sport’s team notes. Barcelona, 2004. It is true that machinery that we activate when working a muscle group with particular period always is the same, but how to do it and the intensity that we are going to focus on this area will much depend on techniques when carrying out this movement. It is therefore important to take note.

As we have explained before, if we want to improve the performance of our player on the track, logically use only these exercises will be insufficient for the reality of the sport, in which the player carries out the technical actions in different situations and levels. Consider gestures typical of basketball or another sport such as passes, shots, ball, blocks, struggle for the position of the rebound, etc.